Friday 07.07.2017 in Pärnu, judging begins 14:00

Show location: Nooruse Maja garden, Pärnu, Roheline 1b



Tino Pehar (Croatia) – German Spitz (all sizes, all colours), Samoyed, Siberian Husky.

Jelena Kruus (Estonia) – all other breeds from Group V.

Ana Beatriz Knoll (Brazil) – Chihuahua (both hair types), Havanese, Chinese Crested Dog, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Pug, Papillon, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier

Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan) – all other breeds from Group IX.

The Show Committee reserves the right to make changes if necessary.


Entry dates and fees:



01.04.17 –


05.06.17 -10.06.17
NOT in EST-register, dogs residing outside Estonia      
Baby Puppy, Puppy and Veteran 25 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR
Dogs 30 EUR 35 EUR 50 EUR
Dogs in EST-register, dogs residing in Estonia      
Baby Puppy, Puppy and Veteran 20 EUR 20 EUR 50 EUR
Dogs 25 EUR 30 EUR 50 EUR
Veterans over 10 years free of charge free of charge free of charge
Breeders, Progeny Class free of charge free of charge free of charge
Braces 7 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR


All fees can be paid:

SEB: account: IBAN EE141010220105945018 SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X receiver: Euroopa ja Aasia Spitside Ühing

The sender must cover all the expenses connected with the payments!


Please attach a copy of the registration certificate, if required also copies of the championship diplomas and/or working certificate as well, as a copy of the receipt (write on the payment order breed, studbook number, owner) to the entry form and send all documents by email All documents and payments must arrive at the same time. Please check, whether all the documents have reached us!



All dogs participating the show or other competitions must have a valid certificate of vaccination against Distemper, Rabies, Parvovirus infection (canine) and Hepatitis infectious (canine) (detailed vaccination requirements). All dogs must have an ID-marking (tattoo or microchip). Dogs whose date of birth is 1st August 2013 or later and whose ears have been cropped and/or tails docked may not take part on show.